Oct 2014


We often use the phrase, “Good luck” when wishing our friends and family well. Dictionary.com defines Good Luck as meaning, “Good Fortune or happy outcome, especially by chance.” Do you as a Christian really believe in chance? Or do you believe your God is a God of order and nothing that has happened or will happen has not already been preordained by our God and not by chance? I have resorted to wishing people "Godspeed" which means, "good fortune; success" and is derived from Middle English which is further defined as "may God prosper you". Brothers and sisters, let's stop following the world and chance and begin following the Savior and His plan for your life. Godspeed my friends!

Contemplating Life

Sometimes it’s hard to see where God is leading you. Sometimes, even when you stop and listen, you don’t always hear Him speaking. I’m at just that spot right now in my life. I have been pleading with God to show me the way. Do I stay in my current situation in ministry? Do I pursue something outside of ministry? Do I remain status quo? I don’t know about you but I really need to “hear” Him speak to me before I do anything. I’m such an emotional person that sometimes I can’t see through the tears that He is speaking or showing me the way. If you’re reading this blog you probably know me well and understand what I am saying. Please pray for me. Pray that God reveals my path. That He receives the glory in anything I do. That His will is done in my life. Thank you brothers and sisters! Godspeed!
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